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With over 11 international locations, RED NOSES professional clown artists work locally with children in hospitals, older people, people with disabilities and other groups in need of psychosocial support.

However, there is a global need for joy, laughter, and hope. Particularly in crisis settings. These settings include natural disaster sites, refugee camps, and countries impacted by war. ES clowns undergo extensive training on how to work with and support vulnerable groups of people facing life altering circumstances. The figure of the clown can spread joy and laughter during even the darkest times. In laughter, there is hope.


Lasting impact

Over the years, RED NOSES has worked in more than a dozen countries improving the mental health and wellbeing of vulnerable groups.

The Emergency Smile team work hard to develop the right type of support format for every mission based on the needs of the people they will encounter.

Along with the goal of providing psychosocial support to vulnerable people, ES missions also aim to make an impact that lasts, leaving behind a legacy of knowledge and positive emotions.


Emergency Smile Missions

Stories from the field

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05.July 2024

Breaking gender and disability stereotypes - Emergency Smile in Mozambique

In November 2023, RED NOSES International's Emergency Smile programme undertook a three-week project in Mozambique in collaboration with Light for the…

20.February 2024

Emergency Smile returns to Lesvos – September/October 2023

With a focus on establishing both a long-term presence and impact on Lesvos, our Emergency Smile team returned to the island once again in September…

23.November 2023

3-month Emergency Smile mission in Lesvos

For three months during 2023, three rotating Emergency Smile teams embarked on a transformative three-month pilot project on the Greek island of…

09.August 2023

Our first Emergency Smile mission to Georgia

In May 2023, a team of four RED NOSES clowns and one Head of Mission travelled to Georgia for an Emergency Smile (ES) mission. The mission was in…

13.July 2023

Our Emergency Response Mission to Turkey

April 2023 saw the very first Emergency Response mission from Emergency Smile. A mission designed to provide reactionary relief following a natural…

02.March 2023

Last Emergency Smile Mission of 2022

Our last Emergency Smile mission of 2022 took place in Athens, Greece. Our international team from Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Slovenia, in…

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Years of experience
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