Support children on the move and send our healthcare clowns to help where it’s needed the most. RED NOSES brings joy and laughter to the world, and you can finally take part in it.

We believe that every child deserves a happy life. A life of joy and safety. By bringing over 430 professionally trained healthcare clowns into 11 countries worldwide, we can bring a more joyful experience to children who are on the move or in need of psychosocial support.

You can help us with that. With Laughter Matters, you can send our healthcare clowns where they are needed the most and can follow their activities to make sure your donation has an impact. Together we can bring more joy into children's lives.

Support our healthcare clowns in one click and see the impact of your donation

How the app works

With Laughter Matters, you can:

  • Learn more about our projects
  • Support our healthcare clowns in the field with a few clicks
  • See the impact of your donation
  • Share your impact with your friends & family

Download the iOS or the Android version now and together,
we can bring more joy and laughter into the world!

Frequently asked questions

You can download the application by clicking on the button “Download the app now” or by searching for “Laughter Matters” in the Apple App Store.

We are working hard on making the app available for all mobile phones. Currently you can only use the Laughter Matters app if you have an iPhone with an iOS version higher than 14.0. If you want to get notified when an Android version is available, fill out the form below.

Making a donation through the laughter matters app supports the project you choose inside the app. All projects are part of the Emergency Smile program of Red Noses International. You can see how we use your donation inside the app.

Whatever you prefer, however giving through the app enables you give to a project you care about in just a few clicks. After that, you can see what impact your donation has on the project.